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It was another day at the Poway Pump Station as the crew met up for SDDRL #30. After pulling up and seeing such a rad crew of rippers, I knew it would be a good day of racing and hanging out with all the homies.

Joe Marshall leads Jimmy Riha and Max Capps into the bottom section of the course

There was a good mix of racers with all sorts of backgrounds. There were skateboard legends, professional riders, new racers and groms all in the mix competing for trophies, cash and glory.

Andrew Mercado and Rick Kludy on their way back up the hill

It was an exciting day of racing and the final heat was stacked with talent.

From Left to right. Andrew Mercado, Max Capps, Tim Del Rosario, Brian ward and Jimmy Riha


Adult division:

1st Place- Tim Del Rosario

2nd Place- Andrew Mercado

3rd Place- Max Capps


1st Place- Alex Gradillas

2nd Place- Austin Nicassio

3rd Place- Eric Fuss


Video: Edit by Max Capps

Around 11am everyone met just past the finish line ready to race, or ready to enjoy the race. SDDRL (San Diego Downhill Racing League) was at it again with race #24. The hill known as “The Wall” featured a hidden 10′ mega bowl just past the finish line. Everyone was stoked. Racers kicked from the starting line the pinned it to the finish line. This hill is just a straight away that goes straight down a large hill with beautiful surroundings. It was a fun race and a few first time racers came out. There was some confusion to the way the whole event was being run, but at the end off the day everyone had a good time.

1st- Mike Montjoy

2nd- Aj Haiby

3rd- Joe Marshall


1st- Hunter Schwirtz

2nd- Jake Fast

On the podium from left to right (AJ Haiby, Mike Montjoy, Joe Marshall)

Groms: Hunter Schwirtz- 1st Place, Jake Fast- 2nd Place

On August 15, some of the biggest names in longboard racing gathered on closed-off access road in the coastal town of San Clemente, CA ready to race on the 18th stop of the San Diego Downhill Racing League.  Swept, fast, and curvy, the course differed from the more traditional straight-a-ways, time-trial races are usually held at.  Multiple hairpin turns and short, fast sections are what was on the plate and the riders ate it up with the appetite of a beast – showing the world that to be successful in the business, you must not only be fast, but be able to also handle turns like a champ.

It was a close race with Evren Ozan and Louis Pilloni taking the first two spots to race man vs. man from the top.

“The more experienced rider is going to purposely hold back and then try to pass around this turn here (talking about a hairpin left turn),” Tye Donnely, organizer of the race said.

The day is capped with Ozan taking first with Pilloni second.

1st- Evren Ozan

2nd- Louis Pilloni

3rd- Riley Crone