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A skateboard was built for basically one thing. To have fun with. It is a form of expression, how you get from one spot to another. There are so many different types of skateboarding. Different types of skateboards and different skateboarders. Each person mentally has the same goal of having fun.

Today June 21 is national go skateboarding day. Go out push some wood, and wish everyone a happy go skateboarding day. Remember, Safety First!

Get out and skate, its national go skateboarding day!


Our friends at Bike Magazine shows us Morewood’s new bike designs featuring unique pivots and geometry adjustments.

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Snowboard the Streets

There’s a certain rush you get carving down a mountain on your snowboard. This feeling is unlike any other. Steen Strand, the man behind Freebording found a way to bring this feeling to the streets.

“What I realized pretty early on is that a snowboard has the ability to move sideways over the snow, and a skateboard doesn’t” said Strand.

By placing a wheel in the center of the trucks that rotates 360 degrees, Steen has created a snowboard on wheels. Linking turns, from heel to toe edge, a rider can carve down any hill at whatever speed he/she desires. The two center wheels simulate the p-techs base of a snowboard, and the four outer wheels act as the steel edges of a snowboard.

The ability to ride sideways, spin 360’s, and float into switch are what makes this ride so much different from skateboarding, and more like snowboarding.

Imagine being able to pick up your snowboard, walk to your closest hill, and snowboard it. Every hill becomes a snowboard run and lift tickets are free. Whether you are going to the death-defying road across town or the mellow hill near your home, you find good roads and bad ones.

Does catching an edge mean anything to you? Every snowboarder has caught an edge before, and the concept is no different here. It isn’t something that happens often, but being prepared with pads, gloves and a helmet isn’t a bad idea.

It is important to remember while you are riding one of these things that there are some major differences. The biggest one is the lack of soft cushiony snow beneath you, and the presence of rough asphalt.

Manufacturer – Transition Bicycle Company, Ferndale, WA
Model – TransAM Frame
Price -$589


Transition Bike Company’s TransAM frame was designed to be a well-rounded hardtail that is good for bar runs to multi-day epics.  The steel frame is quiet no matter how chunky the terrain is.  While this bike shines on buff singletrack and climbs like a goat, it is by no means a flimsy XC bike.  Slack, smooth and stiff are just a few of the noticeable characteristics this frame offers.  Transition includes a headset and seatpost clamp with frame.  The campy style headset is smooth, and durable.  The seatclamp on the other hand lost its clamping power early in the game, causing the seatpost to slip while in the seated position.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a hardtail to replace a quiver of bikes, this is the frame to get.  It’s slack, it’s steel and it’s a deal.  The iscg tabs allows you to run it as a 1×9 with a bash/guide, and having the ability to run a 160mm fork means you can shred the gnar with confidence.

Feel free to put your opinion on this frame below.