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When you have a growing and innovative sport like freebording, gather up all the best riders in the sport and take them on a trip, epic times are to be had.

Arnaud de Bluze (green shirt) leads with Bently Anderson (blue shirt) Tom Macfarlane (black shirt) Tyler Murgo (grey shirt) Nicolas Gaillard (blue sweatshirt)

Traveling south through L.A and finding a great hill with fresh wet slurry on it was fustrating. It was time for the team to head farther south to Orange County.

Arnaud de Bluze (left) and Arnaud Blin (right) shredding down Summit

After finding some of the best hills in Southern California it was not long before the cops came to tell us to leave. They told us about a ban on hills in the city and gave us a pamphlet showing all the banned hills.

The cops came to try to stop all our fun telling us about the roads being banned

Thinking we had won after finding a hill that wasn’t on the list the Dethbox (Freebord van) crashed into a parked Mustang.

The Dethbox eats up a Mustang

It was time to move on to other hills. Heading down south to a popular road in San Clemente everyone got some shredding in without being hassled.

From right to left. Corey Lucero followed by Bently Anderson and Richie Verost shredding Talega

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the skate park. The shreddage and elbow/hip/ass carnage was exhilerating to watch.

Richie Verost steezing out a method grab at San Clemente skate park

Nicolas Gaillard does a 360 at San Clemente skatepark

After another day of shredding the team was headed back up north.

Arnaud de Bluze takes the best right hand turn Modjeska Canyon has to offer

Epic hills, cops, car crash, more cops, shredding, getting yelled at by the locals, camping, more shredding, road rash, swell bows, skate parks, and more shredding. Wouldn’t be a Freebord trip without all of this.


Everyone gathered for a fun day of skating

Shredders, photographers, videographers and spectators met on Jan 22 & 23 on a service road in San Clemente to witness and participate in two days of Southern California’s finest downhill skateboarding.

This was an outlaw event that brought riders from all over California and other surrounding states together for a couple fun days of skateboarding. This event was held on a service road that cars could not drive up making it an ideal location.

The first day of the event, January 22 was the slide jam portion of the event. The second day January 23 was the race portion of the event.

The "Rad Zone" is in between the red lines

The slide jam featured two different sized kicker ramps and a rad zone. The rad zone was marked by a chalk line and it started just past the second kicker ramp and went into the turn. “If you usually grab rail then get rad and don’t grab it, throw a switch stand up slide, just get rad” said Danny Connor, Event Judge. Anything done in the rad zone was worth more points.

Before the contest began, a police officer came up to talk to us. “You all look like a good group. Everyone’s got their helmets and I saw mom’s bringing coolers up the hill. I wanted to give them a ride up” said the police officer. “Please yield to bikers and pedestrians coming up the hill and there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Police officer talks to skateboarders

Skateboarding greats Danny Connor, Marcus Bandy and Max Capps judged the contest. A 20 minute jam session was held. After eliminating part of the field another 20 minute jam session was held. This happened once more with all the finalists and then the winners were decided.

The Finalists

Hunter Schwirtz, Laguna Beach took 1st place, Kody Knoble, Los Angeles took 2nd and Trevor Watkins, San Diego took 3rd.

Following the slide jam after the winners were announced, it was time to stoke everyone out with gear from all the sponsors. Everyone was gathered around and stickers were thrown. Wheels were tossed down the hill and everyone started racing to get it. The first person to bring it back would get the set. Trucks were thrown out, dvds, more stickers, bushings, and so much more. It was raining product and stickers and shirts for almost 5 minutes, maybe even more.

Hunter Schwirtz the winner doing a slide

The race on the 23rd was held on the same road. This road is steep and technical. Riders must be able to slide in both directions. The road features 2 lefts and 2 rights and no cars. The whole outside of the track is dirt so riders can really push their speeds not having to worry too much about crashing.

Racers try to find the fastest lines throught the corners

Not as many people showed up for the race but there was still a good turnout. The race was very exciting with many crashes and close competition. At times both racers crashed off the course taking the turn too fast. The races then became a battle to see who could get their board and back on the track the quickest. Everyone seemed to find this very exciting.

Max Capps got some road rash

Jimmy Riha, San Diego took 1st place.  AJ Haiby, San Diego took 2nd place. Chance Gaul, Laguna Beach took 3rd.

There were a few bad crashes and some riders left with road rash, ripped shirts, torn shorts, but one thing’s for sure, everyone had a good time. –Lee

Months before the mountains open thoughts of shredding the mountains fill our one track minds. The anticipation is painful. The days are being counted down. Each rainfall brings hope as well as disappointment. Mountains and resorts throughout the United States have already opened, however it is finally time for southern California to join the party. Mt high has officially opened as of 8am this morning. The party has started and every boarder is excited to join in.

Video by Lee Eisler

Riders: Brent Cash, Lee Eisler

Video shot and edited by: Lee Eisler

With an eclectic mix of big name riders and free agents – some hailing from as far as the Philippines – present, the Talega Halloween Slide Jam once again proved that SoCal can provide a world-class course.

It was fun seeing people dressed up and pushing the limit doing absolutely gnarly maneuvers on their skateboards. With the two kicker ramps set up riders had plenty of launch to help them go big. Both kicker ramps were big, however the large kicker ramp was just massive. This ramp made for both big tricks and big falls. 

Everyone got plenty of runs in and before we knew it, it was time for the contest to begin. Hot dogs were consumed and the plenty of grilling was getting done while lights and generators were set up. Darkness was falling and as the road became less and less visible a police chopper flew in and provided  light for some riders. After about 20 minutes of the spotlight as the only light, the generators were fired up and the course was back to daylight.

With a police chopper still circling over head with their spotlight the event began. Run after run, trick after trick, a spotlight from above and tons of riders ripping created a really cool atmosphere. Forty minutes to an hour went by when three police officers came walking up the hill with their flashlights. “Do you know how much money it costs to put a chopper in the air?” one officer said. “We honestly thought you were just helping us out with light,” a skater replied.

Due to a stupid law in San Clemente the event was shut down by the 5-0. Apparently due to the powers of darkness you are not allowed to skateboard at night in the city of San Clemente. The cops were nice about it and let us pack up and leave, with no citations..

We all met at a park right down the street from where the slide jam was. Awards and swag were handed out to anxious skaters. Everyone got a hat, dvd and plenty of stickers. Many riders got trucks, wheels, gloves and several other prizes were handed out to the winners. Three lucky winners left with brand new Sector 9 decks.

1st Place- Duke Degan

Check back for other winners. I have forgotten in all the mayhem.

The Dethbox crew rolled down from San Francisco for an epic weekend of riding. Filled with some of the best roads in L.A and Southern California and lots of blood and sweat. I lagged hard making this video but here it is for all of you to enjoy.

Film/Edit by Lee Eisler and Dan Shanker

Riders: Dub C Rider(John Laudin), Bently , Bob Glashan, Lee Eisler, Dan Brunner, Chipper(Nic Ruiz), Gooner(Austin Lin),

Alex McClellan, Tyler Stoehr, Damian

And Freebords version made and filmed by Bently Anderson

Save Skateboarding in Laguna Beach!

It has recently come to my attention that the city of  Laguna Beach and its residents don’t seem to be to happy with skateboarders going down the city’s hills as they are trying to pass the most ridiculous law by trying to ban it for good. This law entails the following:

1. It will become illegal to skateboard down anything more than a 3% grade.

A 3 percent  grade!!! What are they thinking? A 3 percent grade is nothing. What did these folks do for fun when they were kids. Why do they have a stick jammed up their a**? We can not let this happen. Laguna Beach residents need to suck it up and try not to get so bothered  by some kids enjoying themselves and the beautiful Southern California weather.

2. It will become illegal to go more than 10 MPH on a skateboard.

Uhhhhh….10 MPH? Really? I could push faster than 10 MPH! These people might be the ones speeding to work in their Beamers or riding their bikes in the middle of the street. These people need to realize that they are not the only ones who live in Laguna Beach. It is ridiculous and we will not stand for this. Further more this is in no way going to stop people from riding down the hills. It is instead just going to make it seem like more of a mission and sometimes more expensive to do it. It is just making one more law, one more thing deemed illegal. It also gives another reason for kids to dislike cops.

I encourage everyone to take action and do something about this. If you are wondering how you can help here are some ways.

  • You can e-mail before June 22, 2010
  • You can attend the Parking, Traffic & Circulation meeting at 6:00 PM on July 22, 2010 at the Laguna Beach Community Center located at 380 Third St. We all know where Third St. is.
  • You can also sign the online petition here. Make sure you put something in every box or it won’t work.

Good luck everyone!


On May 15, 2010 off the 15 freeway in Poway, Ca a group of around 30 skaters gathered around, antsy,  to shred the slalom-style race course designed to test the speed and skill of some of Southern California’s top longboard riders. The top section of the course was set up with cones and opened  into a narrow pathway leading down a canyon where riders hit over 30 mph as they set themselves up for a full speed tuck and pinned it to the finish.

Groms also had their own class, but the rules stayed the same, as both groups were able to compete in either a singles or doubles, or both. The singles competition was every man for himself and the doubles competition was designed for riders to team up with another competitor stopping the clock after both the riders made it to the finish line.

This made for a very exciting race as many riders were unable to attain the goal of making through the slalom section without knocking over any cones. A few came back from the finish line with bleeding elbows and ripped shirts, while others riders navigated through the course with style and ease.


Open Division:

1st – Riley Crone

2nd – Evren Ozan

3rd – Max Capps


1st – Max Capps / Riley Crone

2nd – Jeff Andrus / Zak Mayall

3rd – Danny Connor / Jeff Budro