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Edit by: Lee Eisler

Riders: Lee ‘Leecifer’ Eisler, Justin Beavers, Ben Koff, Andrew Schumaker

“Left side the road’s a dangerous place.” Offspring says it best in their song Bad Habit. When skateboarding on roads that are not closed obeying the laws of the road can be a lifesaver.

Staying in your lane, staying with in your limits and being aware of your surroundings will go a long ways. It just takes the one turn where you exit into the opposite lane with an oncoming car to damage or end your life.

Guard rails, cars, motorcycles, rocks and other solid objects are all things that can hurt you, but by skating safely you can do your whole life.

It’s not a race, be safe, wear your helmets and have fun!


Sometimes skating through the mist can be a pretty fun experience. It’s nice to have a change every once in a while.

Film and edit by Lee Eisler

The beginning of the year is usually a downtime for riders in the eastern portion of the country, but for west coast racers and weekend warriors, the Southridge Winter Series is both a time to prep and gauge ones self for upcoming races, such as the nationals, which happen at a later date.  The series includes XC, DH, 4X, and Super D.

The winter series, however, is different in than most races in that it’s very grassroots, but still attract many professional riders, with the likes of the Atherton’s, Danny Macaskill, Joe Lawwill, Aaron Gwin and trail builder / racer Eric Carter showing up and racing with local talents.

With the first race down, the series still has four races to go happening every two weeks, with the next one set for the weekend of Jan. 22-23.

Photos by: Ryan Smith

A beautiful warm sunny day in November on a hill hidden next to the 15 freeway, riders showed up ready to race. Racing began at 11am and before that anyone could take a run at any time. Everyone was having a good time.

Racing consisted of four man heats which provided a lot of excitement. There was a good mix of fast riders and brand new racers competing to be the first one down the hill.

After a good barbecue and an exciting finals the fastest riders of the day were determined. With Max Capps taking First Place, Ryan Ricker taking 2nd and Joe Marshall taking 3rd the day was wrapped up with a longest manual contest.

Video By: Lee Eisler

On August 15, some of the biggest names in longboard racing gathered on closed-off access road in the coastal town of San Clemente, CA ready to race on the 18th stop of the San Diego Downhill Racing League.  Swept, fast, and curvy, the course differed from the more traditional straight-a-ways, time-trial races are usually held at.  Multiple hairpin turns and short, fast sections are what was on the plate and the riders ate it up with the appetite of a beast – showing the world that to be successful in the business, you must not only be fast, but be able to also handle turns like a champ.

It was a close race with Evren Ozan and Louis Pilloni taking the first two spots to race man vs. man from the top.

“The more experienced rider is going to purposely hold back and then try to pass around this turn here (talking about a hairpin left turn),” Tye Donnely, organizer of the race said.

The day is capped with Ozan taking first with Pilloni second.

1st- Evren Ozan

2nd- Louis Pilloni

3rd- Riley Crone