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Edit by: Lee Eisler

Riders: Lee ‘Leecifer’ Eisler, Justin Beavers, Ben Koff, Andrew Schumaker

“Left side the road’s a dangerous place.” Offspring says it best in their song Bad Habit. When skateboarding on roads that are not closed obeying the laws of the road can be a lifesaver.

Staying in your lane, staying with in your limits and being aware of your surroundings will go a long ways. It just takes the one turn where you exit into the opposite lane with an oncoming car to damage or end your life.

Guard rails, cars, motorcycles, rocks and other solid objects are all things that can hurt you, but by skating safely you can do your whole life.

It’s not a race, be safe, wear your helmets and have fun!


When you have a growing and innovative sport like freebording, gather up all the best riders in the sport and take them on a trip, epic times are to be had.

Arnaud de Bluze (green shirt) leads with Bently Anderson (blue shirt) Tom Macfarlane (black shirt) Tyler Murgo (grey shirt) Nicolas Gaillard (blue sweatshirt)

Traveling south through L.A and finding a great hill with fresh wet slurry on it was fustrating. It was time for the team to head farther south to Orange County.

Arnaud de Bluze (left) and Arnaud Blin (right) shredding down Summit

After finding some of the best hills in Southern California it was not long before the cops came to tell us to leave. They told us about a ban on hills in the city and gave us a pamphlet showing all the banned hills.

The cops came to try to stop all our fun telling us about the roads being banned

Thinking we had won after finding a hill that wasn’t on the list the Dethbox (Freebord van) crashed into a parked Mustang.

The Dethbox eats up a Mustang

It was time to move on to other hills. Heading down south to a popular road in San Clemente everyone got some shredding in without being hassled.

From right to left. Corey Lucero followed by Bently Anderson and Richie Verost shredding Talega

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the skate park. The shreddage and elbow/hip/ass carnage was exhilerating to watch.

Richie Verost steezing out a method grab at San Clemente skate park

Nicolas Gaillard does a 360 at San Clemente skatepark

After another day of shredding the team was headed back up north.

Arnaud de Bluze takes the best right hand turn Modjeska Canyon has to offer

Epic hills, cops, car crash, more cops, shredding, getting yelled at by the locals, camping, more shredding, road rash, swell bows, skate parks, and more shredding. Wouldn’t be a Freebord trip without all of this.

Disco balls, dancing shoes and a course designed to test out the skills of everyone who competed. That’s right! It was again time for the 2011 Downhill Disco presented by

Everyone was stoked to be at the 2011 Downhill Disco

The course this year set the bar for years to come. “I think that kickers are going to be the big thing for the next 12 months, so you guys learn how to do them because we’re gonna do it next year too” said shop owner Scott Lembach.

What a totally disco toeside through the cones

With a constant barrage of people coming down the hill and various features set up throughout the course there was never a dull moment.

Andrew Mercado tuck knee

The riders competing in the event were separated into two different groups based on age. The younger riders were called the Disco Squad and the older group was called the A-Team.

Daniel Ralph Luna gets pitted in the Muirskate blvd tunnel

There was a race in which they timed how long it took riders to make it through the course. The course was a cones course designed to be difficult to navigate through. It included jump ramps, tunnels and a hippy jump to make things interesting for the riders and the spectators.

Through the tunnel and over the ramp is where Mike Montjoy likes to go

After the race was held for both competing groups a slide jam was held. The slide jam was full of features to help riders keep ripping.

Chance Gaul winds up for the 360

Out of all the features the big kicker ramp was the focal point. Riders were going huge. Many 180’s and even a 360 were thrown down in the list of tricks landed. No big deal.

Chance Gaul CAN fly!

The gnar bar got raised a step further when 3 brave men decided to lay at the end of the kicker ramp as skaters launched over them. 3 people soon turned to 4. It was then raised again when someone decided to sit in a green plastic chair, letting riders launch clear over his head.

Brett Ciabattini launches overa brave man chatting on the phone

The amount of people launching off the ramps, attempting and landing 180’s and getting some hang time blew me away. Everyone was sliding, and jumping, and moving to the beat.

Congratulations to the winners!

Race results:

1st Place- Jimmy Riha

2nd Place- Louis Pilloni

3rd Place- Duke Degan

4th Place- Jeff Budro

5th Place- George Mackenzie

Slide Jam Results:

1st Place- Louis Pilloni

2nd Place- Jimmy Riha and Seth Brown

3rd Place- Duke Degan

Filmed and edited by: Kevin Castenheira

Additional video footage by Ryan Scardigli

This video is nothing but radical. Snowboarding taken back down to the roots. Check out the sickest boards I have ever seen and some long board style pack runs even.

Corey Smith cut his shapes out of a piece of wood, fiber glassed, painted it and epoxied it and then went to shred. “This enabled me to look at the mountain and look at snowboarding from a different perspective and you know, just really enjoy it” said Corey Smith, Creator of Spring Break snowboards.

The shredding in this video is so old school and so basic, yet such a fun video to watch.

“Building and riding these boards has been one of the most best experiences I’ve had snowboarding.” said Corey Smith, creator of Spring Break snowboards. “Building these boards was just like one of the best experiences for me as far as, just falling back in love with snowboarding. I think I was just so over it, filming video parts every year.”
The minimum donation to get one of these custom made boards is $500 and it includes a 1 year warranty against breaking.

Check out their site at

Finding time to ride between rainstorms and during the holidays was difficult but this group of riders made it happen. Some group riding on some of our favorite tuck roads.

Skaters: Max Capps, Jonny Huang, Lee Eisler, Spencer Adams

GoPro held by: Max Capps

Put away the downhill boards and bust out the double kicks and mini cruisers to entertain yourself in this scenario. Ride with a group of your friends down several cement stories of hundreds of parking spaces. Right turn after right turn, it becomes a race to the bottom. Take the elevator back up for another run. Dodge a security guard…or two. Then do it again another night. Not necessarily fast yet still extremely fun, check out the battle on the way down.

Company – Vegas Indoor Skydiving
Contact Info – 200 Convention Center Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 731-4768

Located in the Sin City just off the strip, Vegas Indoor Skydiving is sure to provide a  good time for all you thrill seekers. From the moment you start watching the training video to the moment you step out of the wind tunnel your adrenaline is pumping. But before the post-ride endorphin rush kicks in, you must  lay it all on the net in “your x” form to get lifted into the air as winds reaching speeds of up to 120 mph propel you into the ceiling. For first timers like myself it is hard to keep a stable flight in the air, but there is an instructor there to keep you from flying into the wall. After cycling through everyone in our group a few times our time at Vegas Indoor Skydiving was coming to a close. A dvd was delivered into our hands after so that we can re-live the excitement that’s sure to bring back smiles from ear to ear. This was definitely a highlight of our Vegas trip and I would have stayed in that wind tunnel all day if they let me.

PS: Thanks Mike!

Video and Pics by Lee Eisler

Hiking up the steep trail and turning the corner the course was finally visible. Two canopies marked the beginning and end of where the slide jam would be taking place.

There was no cars on this road at all making it the perfect spot to hold a slide jam. Also the area of the road we were on was not visible to anyone from the streets or neighborhoods below.

Riders threw down their best stuff, many of them able to conquer the kicker ramp. As the slide jam was coming to an end the cops showed up ensuring the end of the jam. As people talked to the cops shwag was handed out and winners were announced.

Joe Marshall Picking up a gnarly rattlesnake

Riding with the Dethbox crew for their So Cal Represent Tour 2010 was fun. This Gnarly carnage occurred on my second run of the first day of their tour. We were riding a fairly simple hill and I was feeling confident with some speed when I saw the opportunity to pass a car. Passing cars is completely bad ass unless you pass them only to crash. Basically I caught a heel edge and got some of the gnarliest road rash I have ever gotten. It also caused me to break the Scaphoid bone in my right hand.

Road Rash

Riding gravity is fun, especially when you are hauling a** on a brand new street luge. I watched Max Capps pull moves of a madman as he passed cars in the left hand gutter of the street giving drivers a show. “Ever ride waterslides? It’s like the same thing just railing it. Actually its like riding a missile, a big missile” said Max Capps. This was awesome to watch the video doesn’t do it justice but check it out. Look for the gnarly car pass near the end.

Rider: Max Capps

Video: Lee Eisler/Chris Culliney