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When you have a growing and innovative sport like freebording, gather up all the best riders in the sport and take them on a trip, epic times are to be had.

Arnaud de Bluze (green shirt) leads with Bently Anderson (blue shirt) Tom Macfarlane (black shirt) Tyler Murgo (grey shirt) Nicolas Gaillard (blue sweatshirt)

Traveling south through L.A and finding a great hill with fresh wet slurry on it was fustrating. It was time for the team to head farther south to Orange County.

Arnaud de Bluze (left) and Arnaud Blin (right) shredding down Summit

After finding some of the best hills in Southern California it was not long before the cops came to tell us to leave. They told us about a ban on hills in the city and gave us a pamphlet showing all the banned hills.

The cops came to try to stop all our fun telling us about the roads being banned

Thinking we had won after finding a hill that wasn’t on the list the Dethbox (Freebord van) crashed into a parked Mustang.

The Dethbox eats up a Mustang

It was time to move on to other hills. Heading down south to a popular road in San Clemente everyone got some shredding in without being hassled.

From right to left. Corey Lucero followed by Bently Anderson and Richie Verost shredding Talega

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the skate park. The shreddage and elbow/hip/ass carnage was exhilerating to watch.

Richie Verost steezing out a method grab at San Clemente skate park

Nicolas Gaillard does a 360 at San Clemente skatepark

After another day of shredding the team was headed back up north.

Arnaud de Bluze takes the best right hand turn Modjeska Canyon has to offer

Epic hills, cops, car crash, more cops, shredding, getting yelled at by the locals, camping, more shredding, road rash, swell bows, skate parks, and more shredding. Wouldn’t be a Freebord trip without all of this.


Edit by: Christopher Wellington


35+ People and a police chopper hovering above

Photo by: Tim Del Rosario

Video and Pics by Lee Eisler

Hiking up the steep trail and turning the corner the course was finally visible. Two canopies marked the beginning and end of where the slide jam would be taking place.

There was no cars on this road at all making it the perfect spot to hold a slide jam. Also the area of the road we were on was not visible to anyone from the streets or neighborhoods below.

Riders threw down their best stuff, many of them able to conquer the kicker ramp. As the slide jam was coming to an end the cops showed up ensuring the end of the jam. As people talked to the cops shwag was handed out and winners were announced.

Joe Marshall Picking up a gnarly rattlesnake

Video shot and edited by: Lee Eisler

With an eclectic mix of big name riders and free agents – some hailing from as far as the Philippines – present, the Talega Halloween Slide Jam once again proved that SoCal can provide a world-class course.

It was fun seeing people dressed up and pushing the limit doing absolutely gnarly maneuvers on their skateboards. With the two kicker ramps set up riders had plenty of launch to help them go big. Both kicker ramps were big, however the large kicker ramp was just massive. This ramp made for both big tricks and big falls. 

Everyone got plenty of runs in and before we knew it, it was time for the contest to begin. Hot dogs were consumed and the plenty of grilling was getting done while lights and generators were set up. Darkness was falling and as the road became less and less visible a police chopper flew in and provided  light for some riders. After about 20 minutes of the spotlight as the only light, the generators were fired up and the course was back to daylight.

With a police chopper still circling over head with their spotlight the event began. Run after run, trick after trick, a spotlight from above and tons of riders ripping created a really cool atmosphere. Forty minutes to an hour went by when three police officers came walking up the hill with their flashlights. “Do you know how much money it costs to put a chopper in the air?” one officer said. “We honestly thought you were just helping us out with light,” a skater replied.

Due to a stupid law in San Clemente the event was shut down by the 5-0. Apparently due to the powers of darkness you are not allowed to skateboard at night in the city of San Clemente. The cops were nice about it and let us pack up and leave, with no citations..

We all met at a park right down the street from where the slide jam was. Awards and swag were handed out to anxious skaters. Everyone got a hat, dvd and plenty of stickers. Many riders got trucks, wheels, gloves and several other prizes were handed out to the winners. Three lucky winners left with brand new Sector 9 decks.

1st Place- Duke Degan

Check back for other winners. I have forgotten in all the mayhem.

Enjoy this video shot by the GravityMagnet himself during the security guard chase.

“Jamboree”, a local parking garage favorite for many OC based skaters has always been a top choice when inclement weather was around or if we’re just looking for a fun session down ramps with an elevator access back to the top.

Last Thursday  (10/14/10) evening the crew met for another fun night of railing “Jamboree’s” right-hand corners. There was about 15  of us. Some of these kids traveled all the way from San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Beach just for this garage session so a few runs were definitely in order, but after about 10 runs, the security smelled us and decided to go for a chase.

We saw his car racing up to the top level to meet us. Everyone started pushing to get away, but he soon caught up. He snuck in between pillars to keep up with us and drifting the corners in his Prius. I watched as he recklessly tried to run some of use into the wall.

When we reached the ground level split-up through different exits, six of usjumped into an SUV to try and get away from the enraged security officer. He then proceeded to speed into where we parked to exchange some words. “It’s going to be a scary thing when your generation takes over,” the security guard said.

One week later Thursday 10/21/10 everyone joined back up for round two with the security guard. This time he was with superior back up, the Irvine Police Department.

LAGUNA BEACH – A meeting held to discuss the proposed law to ban skateboarding down hills with a grade of 3 percent or steeper and limit speed to 10 mph or less has come to a null, Thursday, after pro and anti-skating groups met to discuss the issue.

The Parking, Traffic and Circulation committee, which is handling the case, is overlooking at what types of limits can be posted to regulate skateboarding in the city after numerous complaints from parents and residents.  Skaters on the other hand are protesting the idea, as most use skateboards as a mode of transportation around the coastal town.

Differing views regarding the safe use of skateboards seemed to be the highlight of the discussions, in where the city is fearing potential lawsuits due to injuries sustained by skaters while riding withing the city’s limits.

Skater’s, however, are defending their rights to ride by explaining the new technologies set on decks and wheels where stopping or slowing down can be done quickly and safely.

“We have the capability to brake and stop much faster than anybody riding a bicycle,” said former World Champion Mark Golter. “There’s a lot of things that aren’t understood in the community. It’s very safe if done right.”

“This public hearing was really critical to broaden our perspective,” said subcommittee member Vic Opincar.

A September meeting has been set in which the proposed law will be finalized.