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It was another day at the Poway Pump Station as the crew met up for SDDRL #30. After pulling up and seeing such a rad crew of rippers, I knew it would be a good day of racing and hanging out with all the homies.

Joe Marshall leads Jimmy Riha and Max Capps into the bottom section of the course

There was a good mix of racers with all sorts of backgrounds. There were skateboard legends, professional riders, new racers and groms all in the mix competing for trophies, cash and glory.

Andrew Mercado and Rick Kludy on their way back up the hill

It was an exciting day of racing and the final heat was stacked with talent.

From Left to right. Andrew Mercado, Max Capps, Tim Del Rosario, Brian ward and Jimmy Riha


Adult division:

1st Place- Tim Del Rosario

2nd Place- Andrew Mercado

3rd Place- Max Capps


1st Place- Alex Gradillas

2nd Place- Austin Nicassio

3rd Place- Eric Fuss


Edit- Max Capps

We had so much fun shredding this morning that we had to make a short little edit. This is some clips from 2 runs on a Saturday at Gabby’s Morning Rampage session. Be sure to share it with your friends. -Gravity Rider


Just getting a dose of adrenaline in San Diego with

Max Capps, Jimmy Riha, Duke Degan, Niko Kroha, and Jacob Budds,

Edit by Max Capps himself.

From the Gunmetal Trucks archives

The camera mount is the cool part of this video. Filmed with a spinning mount at the end of a pole, there is some pretty nifty camera work in this one.

Rider: Max Capps

Filmed by: Max Capps

Edited By: Max Capps

This is Spencer Adams home turf and don’t plan on riding this hill uninvited. Hidden in Irvine behind gates and security guards this is a pretty exclusive hill. Watch as Max Capps takes out Spencer in a race to the bottom.

Riders: Max Capps, Spencer Adams

Filmed by: Max Capps


Pro DH Skateboard:

This edition of L.A. Sessions occurred when the Dethbox and crew rolled down from San Francisco for their So Cal Represent 2010 ride. Bently Anderson handled filming duty with the GoPro for a run and pumped out some awesome footage!  Here is some raw footage from the top of one of my favorite roads.

Who is that skateboard dude that snuck into the Dethbox???

Video: Bently Anderson

Riders: Dan Brunner, Bently Anderson, John Laudin (Dub C Rider),  Bob Glashan, Nic Ruiz (Chipper), Alex McClellan and Max Capps

I couldn’t stay off my board. Check out this video footage of one run down a fun road. Notice the green cast!

Filmed by: Max Capps

Riders: Lee Eisler, Chris Culliney, Ryan Catino

Riding gravity is fun, especially when you are hauling a** on a brand new street luge. I watched Max Capps pull moves of a madman as he passed cars in the left hand gutter of the street giving drivers a show. “Ever ride waterslides? It’s like the same thing just railing it. Actually its like riding a missile, a big missile” said Max Capps. This was awesome to watch the video doesn’t do it justice but check it out. Look for the gnarly car pass near the end.

Rider: Max Capps

Video: Lee Eisler/Chris Culliney