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What’s up? My name is Ben Koff and I have been skating for almost 2 years. I love every aspect of longboarding, from slashing free ride hills to mobbing down mountain roads. Longboarding was something I was startled by; I figured that it took someone with a screw loose in their head to want to go break neck speeds on a board and execute highly technical maneuvers. I ride a topmount for all aspects of skating and enjoy riding with a tight group of friends who all feed off each other and push each other to learn new tricks and go faster than before. TEAM GNARWALE. G-CODE. Anyways, thanks for checking out this video and a big thanks to Lee Eisler for taking the time to post this on Adrenaline Fueled.Check out Gnarwale skateboards on facebook and youtube!!! Practice safe skating and remember, Ride Gnarwale. -Ben Koff


Watch as Jonny Huang and Max Capps get their adrenaline flowing by passing a car while bombing down a fun hill that ends in a fast left.

From the archives of Ladera Skateboards…

On August 15, some of the biggest names in longboard racing gathered on closed-off access road in the coastal town of San Clemente, CA ready to race on the 18th stop of the San Diego Downhill Racing League.  Swept, fast, and curvy, the course differed from the more traditional straight-a-ways, time-trial races are usually held at.  Multiple hairpin turns and short, fast sections are what was on the plate and the riders ate it up with the appetite of a beast – showing the world that to be successful in the business, you must not only be fast, but be able to also handle turns like a champ.

It was a close race with Evren Ozan and Louis Pilloni taking the first two spots to race man vs. man from the top.

“The more experienced rider is going to purposely hold back and then try to pass around this turn here (talking about a hairpin left turn),” Tye Donnely, organizer of the race said.

The day is capped with Ozan taking first with Pilloni second.

1st- Evren Ozan

2nd- Louis Pilloni

3rd- Riley Crone

Adrenaline-Fueled visits the City of Angels for a canyon run on a way one street that begins above the cloud line and finishes by the ocean.

Riders: Tyler Stoehr / Lee Eisler

Photos: Joseph Espiritu

Video: Lee Eisler/ Tyler Stoehr

Today, June 21, is  Go Skateboarding Day! Grab a deck and get out there and push some wood around. Happy Go Skateboarding Day everyone!

Save Skateboarding in Laguna Beach!

It has recently come to my attention that the city of  Laguna Beach and its residents don’t seem to be to happy with skateboarders going down the city’s hills as they are trying to pass the most ridiculous law by trying to ban it for good. This law entails the following:

1. It will become illegal to skateboard down anything more than a 3% grade.

A 3 percent  grade!!! What are they thinking? A 3 percent grade is nothing. What did these folks do for fun when they were kids. Why do they have a stick jammed up their a**? We can not let this happen. Laguna Beach residents need to suck it up and try not to get so bothered  by some kids enjoying themselves and the beautiful Southern California weather.

2. It will become illegal to go more than 10 MPH on a skateboard.

Uhhhhh….10 MPH? Really? I could push faster than 10 MPH! These people might be the ones speeding to work in their Beamers or riding their bikes in the middle of the street. These people need to realize that they are not the only ones who live in Laguna Beach. It is ridiculous and we will not stand for this. Further more this is in no way going to stop people from riding down the hills. It is instead just going to make it seem like more of a mission and sometimes more expensive to do it. It is just making one more law, one more thing deemed illegal. It also gives another reason for kids to dislike cops.

I encourage everyone to take action and do something about this. If you are wondering how you can help here are some ways.

  • You can e-mail before June 22, 2010
  • You can attend the Parking, Traffic & Circulation meeting at 6:00 PM on July 22, 2010 at the Laguna Beach Community Center located at 380 Third St. We all know where Third St. is.
  • You can also sign the online petition here. Make sure you put something in every box or it won’t work.

Good luck everyone!


On May 15, 2010 off the 15 freeway in Poway, Ca a group of around 30 skaters gathered around, antsy,  to shred the slalom-style race course designed to test the speed and skill of some of Southern California’s top longboard riders. The top section of the course was set up with cones and opened  into a narrow pathway leading down a canyon where riders hit over 30 mph as they set themselves up for a full speed tuck and pinned it to the finish.

Groms also had their own class, but the rules stayed the same, as both groups were able to compete in either a singles or doubles, or both. The singles competition was every man for himself and the doubles competition was designed for riders to team up with another competitor stopping the clock after both the riders made it to the finish line.

This made for a very exciting race as many riders were unable to attain the goal of making through the slalom section without knocking over any cones. A few came back from the finish line with bleeding elbows and ripped shirts, while others riders navigated through the course with style and ease.


Open Division:

1st – Riley Crone

2nd – Evren Ozan

3rd – Max Capps


1st – Max Capps / Riley Crone

2nd – Jeff Andrus / Zak Mayall

3rd – Danny Connor / Jeff Budro