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When you have a growing and innovative sport like freebording, gather up all the best riders in the sport and take them on a trip, epic times are to be had.

Arnaud de Bluze (green shirt) leads with Bently Anderson (blue shirt) Tom Macfarlane (black shirt) Tyler Murgo (grey shirt) Nicolas Gaillard (blue sweatshirt)

Traveling south through L.A and finding a great hill with fresh wet slurry on it was fustrating. It was time for the team to head farther south to Orange County.

Arnaud de Bluze (left) and Arnaud Blin (right) shredding down Summit

After finding some of the best hills in Southern California it was not long before the cops came to tell us to leave. They told us about a ban on hills in the city and gave us a pamphlet showing all the banned hills.

The cops came to try to stop all our fun telling us about the roads being banned

Thinking we had won after finding a hill that wasn’t on the list the Dethbox (Freebord van) crashed into a parked Mustang.

The Dethbox eats up a Mustang

It was time to move on to other hills. Heading down south to a popular road in San Clemente everyone got some shredding in without being hassled.

From right to left. Corey Lucero followed by Bently Anderson and Richie Verost shredding Talega

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the skate park. The shreddage and elbow/hip/ass carnage was exhilerating to watch.

Richie Verost steezing out a method grab at San Clemente skate park

Nicolas Gaillard does a 360 at San Clemente skatepark

After another day of shredding the team was headed back up north.

Arnaud de Bluze takes the best right hand turn Modjeska Canyon has to offer

Epic hills, cops, car crash, more cops, shredding, getting yelled at by the locals, camping, more shredding, road rash, swell bows, skate parks, and more shredding. Wouldn’t be a Freebord trip without all of this.


The birthplace of downhill skateboarding is considering a ban on eight of the city’s steepest, windiest streets, spearheaded by a group of residents.

The group of Laguna Beach residents, led by Alan Bernstein, 62, oppose skateboarding down “their” hills and are trying to push for the city to place a ban to stop the sport.

Bernstein lives on Bluebird Canyon Drive and says that skateboarders zip by his home at high speeds. Between him and other Bluebird Canyon residents hundreds of near misses, brutal crashes and broken bones have been witnessed.

Drivers have reported close calls, having to swerve to avoid oncoming skaters. Many who have called the police to report these incidents found out that the skateboarders were doing nothing wrong according to the police officers.

Many feel as though it would be a liability issue, using the example of a woman who sued the city of Mission Viejo for brain damage her son suffered after a fall. He was not wearing a helmet.

Skateboarding in Laguna Beach has been around since 1957 and many consider it to be the birthplace of downhill skateboarding. With crews like the “Tuk ‘N’ Roller’s” bombing the streets in 1959 to the history of Oak Street going all the way back into the ‘70s when the Oak St. Surf Shop began selling nylon wheels.

In the ‘80s the popularity of the sport grew exponentially and someone cruising down the street with a surfboard under one arm was quite a common sight. Now it is more common to see riders traveling down roads at speeds averaging 40 mph sporting stylish helmets and specialized gloves with plastic attached.

As of right now skateboarders are considered pedestrians. Getting caught will bring you a pedestrian in the roadway citation.

After already holding several meetings pertaining to the issue, Laguna Beach city council met again March 29 to discuss the ban.

Interested people stood in line and respectively waited their turn to speak. Many spoke for the ban and many spoke against it. Both sides were very passionate for their cause.

After several hours the city council voted to ban skateboarding on eight of Laguna Beach’s most dangerous roads.

•Third Street between Park Avenue and Mermaid Street

•Diamond Street north of Carmelita Street

•Crestview Drive

•Temple Hills Drive

•Bluebird Canyon Drive between Morningside Drive and Cress Street

•Morningside Drive between the intersections of Rancho Laguna Road and Bluebird Canyon Drive

•Summit Drive between Katella Street and Bluebird Canyon Drive

•Alta Vista Way between Bonita and Solana ways

New regulations are also to be put in place. These include requiring skateboarders to stop at stop signs, limiting speeds to under 25 mph or the speed limit if it’s lower, yielding to traffic and keeping to their lane.

The idea of creating a road to the water tower designed for downhill skateboarders was discussed as a possible alternative for boarders to use.

As the sport’s popularity is growing, so is support for having no ban on streets. Younger kids are gaining their parents support in helping to practice the sport safely.

People opposed to the ban argued that they should have similar rights as joggers and bikers who are often seen traveling down these roads with no helmet.

The council will then review the issue again in six months time. -Gravity Rider

Enjoy this video shot by the GravityMagnet himself during the security guard chase.

“Jamboree”, a local parking garage favorite for many OC based skaters has always been a top choice when inclement weather was around or if we’re just looking for a fun session down ramps with an elevator access back to the top.

Last Thursday  (10/14/10) evening the crew met for another fun night of railing “Jamboree’s” right-hand corners. There was about 15  of us. Some of these kids traveled all the way from San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Beach just for this garage session so a few runs were definitely in order, but after about 10 runs, the security smelled us and decided to go for a chase.

We saw his car racing up to the top level to meet us. Everyone started pushing to get away, but he soon caught up. He snuck in between pillars to keep up with us and drifting the corners in his Prius. I watched as he recklessly tried to run some of use into the wall.

When we reached the ground level split-up through different exits, six of usjumped into an SUV to try and get away from the enraged security officer. He then proceeded to speed into where we parked to exchange some words. “It’s going to be a scary thing when your generation takes over,” the security guard said.

One week later Thursday 10/21/10 everyone joined back up for round two with the security guard. This time he was with superior back up, the Irvine Police Department.

The Dethbox crew rolled down from San Francisco for an epic weekend of riding. Filled with some of the best roads in L.A and Southern California and lots of blood and sweat. I lagged hard making this video but here it is for all of you to enjoy.

Film/Edit by Lee Eisler and Dan Shanker

Riders: Dub C Rider(John Laudin), Bently , Bob Glashan, Lee Eisler, Dan Brunner, Chipper(Nic Ruiz), Gooner(Austin Lin),

Alex McClellan, Tyler Stoehr, Damian

And Freebords version made and filmed by Bently Anderson

LAGUNA BEACH – A meeting held to discuss the proposed law to ban skateboarding down hills with a grade of 3 percent or steeper and limit speed to 10 mph or less has come to a null, Thursday, after pro and anti-skating groups met to discuss the issue.

The Parking, Traffic and Circulation committee, which is handling the case, is overlooking at what types of limits can be posted to regulate skateboarding in the city after numerous complaints from parents and residents.  Skaters on the other hand are protesting the idea, as most use skateboards as a mode of transportation around the coastal town.

Differing views regarding the safe use of skateboards seemed to be the highlight of the discussions, in where the city is fearing potential lawsuits due to injuries sustained by skaters while riding withing the city’s limits.

Skater’s, however, are defending their rights to ride by explaining the new technologies set on decks and wheels where stopping or slowing down can be done quickly and safely.

“We have the capability to brake and stop much faster than anybody riding a bicycle,” said former World Champion Mark Golter. “There’s a lot of things that aren’t understood in the community. It’s very safe if done right.”

“This public hearing was really critical to broaden our perspective,” said subcommittee member Vic Opincar.

A September meeting has been set in which the proposed law will be finalized.


Save Skateboarding in Laguna Beach!

It has recently come to my attention that the city of  Laguna Beach and its residents don’t seem to be to happy with skateboarders going down the city’s hills as they are trying to pass the most ridiculous law by trying to ban it for good. This law entails the following:

1. It will become illegal to skateboard down anything more than a 3% grade.

A 3 percent  grade!!! What are they thinking? A 3 percent grade is nothing. What did these folks do for fun when they were kids. Why do they have a stick jammed up their a**? We can not let this happen. Laguna Beach residents need to suck it up and try not to get so bothered  by some kids enjoying themselves and the beautiful Southern California weather.

2. It will become illegal to go more than 10 MPH on a skateboard.

Uhhhhh….10 MPH? Really? I could push faster than 10 MPH! These people might be the ones speeding to work in their Beamers or riding their bikes in the middle of the street. These people need to realize that they are not the only ones who live in Laguna Beach. It is ridiculous and we will not stand for this. Further more this is in no way going to stop people from riding down the hills. It is instead just going to make it seem like more of a mission and sometimes more expensive to do it. It is just making one more law, one more thing deemed illegal. It also gives another reason for kids to dislike cops.

I encourage everyone to take action and do something about this. If you are wondering how you can help here are some ways.

  • You can e-mail before June 22, 2010
  • You can attend the Parking, Traffic & Circulation meeting at 6:00 PM on July 22, 2010 at the Laguna Beach Community Center located at 380 Third St. We all know where Third St. is.
  • You can also sign the online petition here. Make sure you put something in every box or it won’t work.

Good luck everyone!