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It was another day at the Poway Pump Station as the crew met up for SDDRL #30. After pulling up and seeing such a rad crew of rippers, I knew it would be a good day of racing and hanging out with all the homies.

Joe Marshall leads Jimmy Riha and Max Capps into the bottom section of the course

There was a good mix of racers with all sorts of backgrounds. There were skateboard legends, professional riders, new racers and groms all in the mix competing for trophies, cash and glory.

Andrew Mercado and Rick Kludy on their way back up the hill

It was an exciting day of racing and the final heat was stacked with talent.

From Left to right. Andrew Mercado, Max Capps, Tim Del Rosario, Brian ward and Jimmy Riha


Adult division:

1st Place- Tim Del Rosario

2nd Place- Andrew Mercado

3rd Place- Max Capps


1st Place- Alex Gradillas

2nd Place- Austin Nicassio

3rd Place- Eric Fuss


A beautiful warm sunny day in November on a hill hidden next to the 15 freeway, riders showed up ready to race. Racing began at 11am and before that anyone could take a run at any time. Everyone was having a good time.

Racing consisted of four man heats which provided a lot of excitement. There was a good mix of fast riders and brand new racers competing to be the first one down the hill.

After a good barbecue and an exciting finals the fastest riders of the day were determined. With Max Capps taking First Place, Ryan Ricker taking 2nd and Joe Marshall taking 3rd the day was wrapped up with a longest manual contest.

Video By: Lee Eisler

Video and Pics by Lee Eisler

Hiking up the steep trail and turning the corner the course was finally visible. Two canopies marked the beginning and end of where the slide jam would be taking place.

There was no cars on this road at all making it the perfect spot to hold a slide jam. Also the area of the road we were on was not visible to anyone from the streets or neighborhoods below.

Riders threw down their best stuff, many of them able to conquer the kicker ramp. As the slide jam was coming to an end the cops showed up ensuring the end of the jam. As people talked to the cops shwag was handed out and winners were announced.

Joe Marshall Picking up a gnarly rattlesnake