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A skateboard was built for basically one thing. To have fun with. It is a form of expression, how you get from one spot to another. There are so many different types of skateboarding. Different types of skateboards and different skateboarders. Each person mentally has the same goal of having fun.

Today June 21 is national go skateboarding day. Go out push some wood, and wish everyone a happy go skateboarding day. Remember, Safety First!

Get out and skate, its national go skateboarding day!


Filmed and edited by: Kevin Castenheira

Additional video footage by Ryan Scardigli

This video is nothing but radical. Snowboarding taken back down to the roots. Check out the sickest boards I have ever seen and some long board style pack runs even.

Corey Smith cut his shapes out of a piece of wood, fiber glassed, painted it and epoxied it and then went to shred. “This enabled me to look at the mountain and look at snowboarding from a different perspective and you know, just really enjoy it” said Corey Smith, Creator of Spring Break snowboards.

The shredding in this video is so old school and so basic, yet such a fun video to watch.

“Building and riding these boards has been one of the most best experiences I’ve had snowboarding.” said Corey Smith, creator of Spring Break snowboards. “Building these boards was just like one of the best experiences for me as far as, just falling back in love with snowboarding. I think I was just so over it, filming video parts every year.”
The minimum donation to get one of these custom made boards is $500 and it includes a 1 year warranty against breaking.

Check out their site at

Company – Vegas Indoor Skydiving
Contact Info – 200 Convention Center Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 731-4768

Located in the Sin City just off the strip, Vegas Indoor Skydiving is sure to provide a  good time for all you thrill seekers. From the moment you start watching the training video to the moment you step out of the wind tunnel your adrenaline is pumping. But before the post-ride endorphin rush kicks in, you must  lay it all on the net in “your x” form to get lifted into the air as winds reaching speeds of up to 120 mph propel you into the ceiling. For first timers like myself it is hard to keep a stable flight in the air, but there is an instructor there to keep you from flying into the wall. After cycling through everyone in our group a few times our time at Vegas Indoor Skydiving was coming to a close. A dvd was delivered into our hands after so that we can re-live the excitement that’s sure to bring back smiles from ear to ear. This was definitely a highlight of our Vegas trip and I would have stayed in that wind tunnel all day if they let me.

PS: Thanks Mike!

Hairpin turns, no traffic and some skateboarding talent made for a fun day of shredding. Check out this video to see what went down.

Video: Max Capps, Lee Eisler and Hunter Schwirtz

Rock throwing: Hunter Schwirtz

Longboarders: Max Capps, Peter Kell and Chris Culliney

Freeborder: Lee Eisler

Just a little video I threw together after my first two days of riding and experimenting with different camera angles. I love the new GoPro. It’s so sick!

Follow cam by: Lee Eisler

Rider: Dan Brunner