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After the first few minutes of the roller derby there was already tons of action as girls slammed, checked and tripped each other.

Two girls (one from each team) would start at the back of the pack wearing stars on their helmets making them the Jammers for the team. The Jammers would score points by passing all the blockers. Everyone who wasn’t a Jammer was a Blocker with the mission to stop the Jammers from passing at all costs.

Each pass made by the Jammer earned the team 3 points.

The match up was the Dukebox Heroes (in the white shirts) vs. the Buns & Roses (in the black shirts). Both teams battled hard for the win. The skating rink was their battlefield.

The rules? Well, there aren’t many. Anything goes here.

After seeing flying fists, elbows being thrown, roller skates taken to the thigh and even many more slide tackles the Dukebox Heroes took the win with a final score of 87-81.

Visit the Renegade Roller girls of Orange County website to find more info about their upcoming matches and find them on Facebook. The matches occur at the Holiday Skate Center in Orange, California.

A killer local band named Tyranis played for the halftime show.


Edit- Max Capps

We had so much fun shredding this morning that we had to make a short little edit. This is some clips from 2 runs on a Saturday at Gabby’s Morning Rampage session. Be sure to share it with your friends. -Gravity Rider


Held on a hidden road off of the 15 freeway, the SDDRL # 23 race track was a fast and rough course. A few sweepers and a steep chute to the finish that brought some of the fastest riders up to 47 m.p.h. The beginning time or speed trials were held with a gravity start (no pushing) and the fastest speeds advanced. Then racing went to a head on head format. A few neighbors watched and even offered rides back up the hill at some points. Communication between spectators watching the corners and riders ensured a safe day of racing. Thanks to Tye for another great SDDRL event.

1st- AJ Haiby

2nd- Joe Marshall


1st: Hunter Schwirtz

2nd: Dylan Mcvitty

(I did get pictures and video from this event but my computer died. I will get the information from it eventually but for now I apologize.)]

You can check out the picture album on facebook by clicking here.

Just a little video I threw together after my first two days of riding and experimenting with different camera angles. I love the new GoPro. It’s so sick!

Follow cam by: Lee Eisler

Rider: Dan Brunner

I was riding Modjeska Canyon the other day when my center wheel came off my freebord. This has never happened to me before. Luckily I had the GoPro on my helmet to capture the first person view of it. Honestly I had no idea what happened until I saw the center wheel bouncing away. Check out the video and remember to tighten your hardware.

First person image during a crash