What is Freebord?

Snowboard the Streets

For those of you who don’t know what freebording is, this video from the freebord manufacturers explains it perfectly. Basically on this snowboard for the streets you can charge any road at whatever speed you desire. Throw in some slides, spins, gap some stairs, you can do whatever you want on these things. I remember my first time picking up a freebord and trying to ride it. It took me a couple hours to learn and then I was carving it up. After sliding my first real carves I felt like I was learning to snowboard all over again. The feeling was just unreal. This was over a year ago. Over time my love and addiction for both snowboarding and freebording has grown dramatically. San Francisco, a city that is well know for having some of the steepest streets in the state of California is where the heart of freebording is located. Allow Steen Strand the creator of Freebording explain how he came up with the idea, and how it is so similar to snowboarding.

  1. Blazeit24/7 says:

    Dude!! freebording the streets is the best thing that ever happened. When the slopes close for the season, you can hit the streets up anytime of year to get a totally unique snowboarding experience. This skateboard has the feeling of edge to edge action while bringing the mobility of a snowboard to four wheels.

  2. Tangela says:

    This forum needed sahikng up and you’ve just done that. Great post!

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