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Day 1 Recap

X Games 16 began with a bang as Moto X Freestyle Final and the Skateboarding Big Air Final took place. Travis Pastrana with the Gold medal already guaranteed, threw a double back flip on his victory run. This was the second double backflip to be landed in a freestyle competition. In skateboarding Big Air Jake Brown took the gold after back flipping the gap into a backside 540 mute grab on the quarter pipe. Overall it was a very exciting preview of what is going down this year at X Games 16.

Moto X Freestyle Results

Gold- Travis Pastrana (80)

Silver- Levi Sherwood (79)

Bronze- Nate Adams (71)

4th- Mat Rebeaud (66)

Skateboard Big Air Results

Gold- Jake Brown (93.66)

Silver- Bob Burnquist (93.00)

Bronze- Rob Lorifice (87.66)

4th- Pedro Barros (86.66)

Moto X Super X Adaptive Final

1- Mike Schultz (5:56.564)

2- Todd Thompson (5:58.119)

3- Beau Meier (6:05.787)

4- Jason Woods (6:06.097)

Moto Super X Results


1- Josh Grant- 13:08.835

2- Justin Brayton- 13:14.247

3- Josh Hansen- 13:15.431

4- Ivan Tedesco- 13.16.700


1- Ashley Fiolek- (6:37.142)

2- Tarah Gieger- (6:43.741)

3- Sara Price- (6:46.211)

4- Vicki Golden- (6:47.991)