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Whats up everyone. It’s been a year so far since we started Adrenaline Fueled. The year has gone by fast and we have learned a lot. Every post has been made by myself Lee Leecifer Eisler and Joseph Dirt Demon Espiritu. Here are some of our favorite memories from this past year. Let me tell you, it was hard to narrow it down to a top 5.

Leecifers Top 5:


I had to put this as my top pick. This crash happened suring the So Cal Represent freebord ride for 2010. Left me in a cast with a broken scaphoid bone for 7 months. Here it is in slow motion!


I remember this night well. The adrenaline was pumping hard after this!


Had to post this for Sam! This isn’t a good memory but still a memory. Wear your helmets people!


This was one of the most memorable events of the year. Tons of fun and excitement. The video tells the story.


I chose this as my 5th favorite post simply because it is a video of me. Its a raw run and the first 3:30 suck but I still like it.

Dirt Demons top 5:


This was one of our first projects and possibly one of the funnest.  At this point of adrenaline-fueled we really didn’t know what to cover, except the fact that we made sure to post only rad content and nothing else.


Vegas with the Freebord crew and “Vegas Mike” – getting chased by cops and drinking like a pirate sums it all up.


I’ve never even met the kid, but this one was a top hitter early on.  Long – live Gooner, where ever that rascal is.


Smellin’ the bacon.  I couldn’t make this event, but this video made me want to be part of the action.  Ghetto bird encounters have been a norm on this site, so search and watch.


I think this was the first or second time I’ve ever met Max. I shot this of him and Leecifer and had nothing but banger light the whole time.  Fun stuff…


Micah Brown is a good friend of Adrenaline Fueled and an even better musician. The new music video he just dropped is so epic, we had to share it with you all.

After recently being awarded at the OC Music Awards for best Acoustic Artist this is only the beginning of what you will see from this talented dude.

Check out his face book fan page by clicking here.

Company – Vegas Indoor Skydiving
Contact Info – 200 Convention Center Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 731-4768

Located in the Sin City just off the strip, Vegas Indoor Skydiving is sure to provide a  good time for all you thrill seekers. From the moment you start watching the training video to the moment you step out of the wind tunnel your adrenaline is pumping. But before the post-ride endorphin rush kicks in, you must  lay it all on the net in “your x” form to get lifted into the air as winds reaching speeds of up to 120 mph propel you into the ceiling. For first timers like myself it is hard to keep a stable flight in the air, but there is an instructor there to keep you from flying into the wall. After cycling through everyone in our group a few times our time at Vegas Indoor Skydiving was coming to a close. A dvd was delivered into our hands after so that we can re-live the excitement that’s sure to bring back smiles from ear to ear. This was definitely a highlight of our Vegas trip and I would have stayed in that wind tunnel all day if they let me.

PS: Thanks Mike!

The third stop of Red Bull’s Flugtag, saw more than 100,000 spectators and over 20 entree’s vying to set the new record for the longest flight with their homemade flying machines.  The key of the game is to achieve lift after a 30-foot free fall from a deck.

Photos: Joseph Espiritu

Two hill runs and a filling dinner later, we knew that our time in L.A. was coming to an end.  Up to this point the day has been nothing but awesome, and we wanted to keep the thrill going.  What better way to end an epic day than to roadtrip it down the coast, so we opted to take Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) back home instead.  Good tunes, great times and we were on our way back to the Orange Curtain.

Halfway through the drive, we spotted a dog in the middle of Pacific Coast Highway – running in circles – afraid of the cars whizzing by.  We knew that leaving it scared and alone was not an option so we parked at the nearest lot and started to make way to fetch the stranded animal.  She, a German Shepherd, pinned it towards us, looking like she might attack us. Instead she licked us to death.

She had a collar on with an Avid tag, so we knew she was chipped,  so we proceeded to call the hot line.  We gave the information to the operator and received a somewhat vague description of her base camp.

Tyler street and the owner’s name is Victor.

We gps’d the location and began the trek to return her.

By this time, it’s close to 1 a.m. and we knew that knocking on doors is our only viable option.  And so we scouted the street and at one point Sage became alert.  We decided to begin our search at that spot.

Oddly enough, two gentlemen were standing on their lawn, so we ask if they knew a Victor, and with hesitation they answered “yes”.

“I think we found his dog,” we said.

“Umm… No, I don’t think so,” he replied, turning out that he was the “Victor”.

He checks his kennel in the backyard and confirms that she’s not his.

He takes a closer look and recognizes her from when his dogs had a litter.  It turns out that he hasn’t seen her since she was just a small pup.

“Hey, if you want her, she’s yours,” Victor said.

We leave him our info in the case he finds the owners and continue our journey down south, Sage in tow.

It’s been a week since and still no confirmation on her beginnings and thus, we, Adrenaline-Fueled are adopting and appointing her as our team mascot.