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Name: Austin “Gooner” Lin

Freebord forum handle: dragoonerzerg

Board- 80 cm Avant, G3 Trucks, S2 bindings

Wheels- Slashers 80MM/80A

Stance- Goofy

Favorite type of hill? “Anything steep, long and gnarly. I prefer no traffick.”

Favorite freebord video? “Freebord:The Bay”

So I traveled out to Diamond Bar after hearing about all their amazing hills from a rider named Gooner. I met up with him at his house, and we were riding the 3 street loop with the last road being his street. He took me of a tour of the roads in his neck of the woods. We road quite a variety of roads. There are some pretty steep streets in Diamond Bar, but nothing that really stuck out in my head. Diamond Bar definitely has hills, they just don’t rate in the crazy factor. I do love Diamond Bars speed bumps however. We stopped and Gooner snapped some quick shots of me airing the speed bumps. I do not really ride much freestyle, primarily because I didn’t want my center wheels to break off or become loose. After this speed bump session I am seriously considering getting an extra bord. One for freestyle and one for downhill. Thanks Gooner for the tour of the city and inspiring me to do more freestyle riding!

Gooner snapping a quick shot of me airing the speed bumps