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When you have a growing and innovative sport like freebording, gather up all the best riders in the sport and take them on a trip, epic times are to be had.

Arnaud de Bluze (green shirt) leads with Bently Anderson (blue shirt) Tom Macfarlane (black shirt) Tyler Murgo (grey shirt) Nicolas Gaillard (blue sweatshirt)

Traveling south through L.A and finding a great hill with fresh wet slurry on it was fustrating. It was time for the team to head farther south to Orange County.

Arnaud de Bluze (left) and Arnaud Blin (right) shredding down Summit

After finding some of the best hills in Southern California it was not long before the cops came to tell us to leave. They told us about a ban on hills in the city and gave us a pamphlet showing all the banned hills.

The cops came to try to stop all our fun telling us about the roads being banned

Thinking we had won after finding a hill that wasn’t on the list the Dethbox (Freebord van) crashed into a parked Mustang.

The Dethbox eats up a Mustang

It was time to move on to other hills. Heading down south to a popular road in San Clemente everyone got some shredding in without being hassled.

From right to left. Corey Lucero followed by Bently Anderson and Richie Verost shredding Talega

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the skate park. The shreddage and elbow/hip/ass carnage was exhilerating to watch.

Richie Verost steezing out a method grab at San Clemente skate park

Nicolas Gaillard does a 360 at San Clemente skatepark

After another day of shredding the team was headed back up north.

Arnaud de Bluze takes the best right hand turn Modjeska Canyon has to offer

Epic hills, cops, car crash, more cops, shredding, getting yelled at by the locals, camping, more shredding, road rash, swell bows, skate parks, and more shredding. Wouldn’t be a Freebord trip without all of this.


Mike Hoppe has had many titles. He has been called the God of freebording and his style downhill kills it. Check out his 2010 highlight reel.

Snowboard the Streets

There’s a certain rush you get carving down a mountain on your snowboard. This feeling is unlike any other. Steen Strand, the man behind Freebording found a way to bring this feeling to the streets.

“What I realized pretty early on is that a snowboard has the ability to move sideways over the snow, and a skateboard doesn’t” said Strand.

By placing a wheel in the center of the trucks that rotates 360 degrees, Steen has created a snowboard on wheels. Linking turns, from heel to toe edge, a rider can carve down any hill at whatever speed he/she desires. The two center wheels simulate the p-techs base of a snowboard, and the four outer wheels act as the steel edges of a snowboard.

The ability to ride sideways, spin 360’s, and float into switch are what makes this ride so much different from skateboarding, and more like snowboarding.

Imagine being able to pick up your snowboard, walk to your closest hill, and snowboard it. Every hill becomes a snowboard run and lift tickets are free. Whether you are going to the death-defying road across town or the mellow hill near your home, you find good roads and bad ones.

Does catching an edge mean anything to you? Every snowboarder has caught an edge before, and the concept is no different here. It isn’t something that happens often, but being prepared with pads, gloves and a helmet isn’t a bad idea.

It is important to remember while you are riding one of these things that there are some major differences. The biggest one is the lack of soft cushiony snow beneath you, and the presence of rough asphalt.

The Dethbox crew rolled down from San Francisco for an epic weekend of riding. Filled with some of the best roads in L.A and Southern California and lots of blood and sweat. I lagged hard making this video but here it is for all of you to enjoy.

Film/Edit by Lee Eisler and Dan Shanker

Riders: Dub C Rider(John Laudin), Bently , Bob Glashan, Lee Eisler, Dan Brunner, Chipper(Nic Ruiz), Gooner(Austin Lin),

Alex McClellan, Tyler Stoehr, Damian

And Freebords version made and filmed by Bently Anderson

Rider: Lee Eisler

Video: Dan Brunner

In this post you will learn how to make your very own slide gloves from the following materials.

  • Cutting Board (stuff used in your kitchens) * Ask your moms for permission before using hers, although we prefer you use a new one for hygienic reasons.
  • Gardening gloves
  • Blow Torch
  • Saw

Gardening Gloves and Cutting Board


Step 1: You need to cut the cutting board into the shape you want your pucks to be. Generally circles will work best when making your own slide gloves.

Max Capps using jigsaw to cut circles in cutting board

Step 2: After you have the circles cut out you want to heat up one side with a blow torch. It will turn white and then you want to stick the gardening gloves right on top. This will cause them to stick to the gardening gloves.  *Be careful it’s hot.

Max Capps using blowtorch to heat up cutting board

Step 3: You can make the pucks double layered if you want to make it last longer.

Completed slide gloves

Step 4: Shred some hills with steez and ease as you now have your very own slide gloves for around $10.

This edition of L.A. Sessions occurred when the Dethbox and crew rolled down from San Francisco for their So Cal Represent 2010 ride. Bently Anderson handled filming duty with the GoPro for a run and pumped out some awesome footage!  Here is some raw footage from the top of one of my favorite roads.

Who is that skateboard dude that snuck into the Dethbox???

Video: Bently Anderson

Riders: Dan Brunner, Bently Anderson, John Laudin (Dub C Rider),  Bob Glashan, Nic Ruiz (Chipper), Alex McClellan and Max Capps

Riding with the Dethbox crew for their So Cal Represent Tour 2010 was fun. This Gnarly carnage occurred on my second run of the first day of their tour. We were riding a fairly simple hill and I was feeling confident with some speed when I saw the opportunity to pass a car. Passing cars is completely bad ass unless you pass them only to crash. Basically I caught a heel edge and got some of the gnarliest road rash I have ever gotten. It also caused me to break the Scaphoid bone in my right hand.

Road Rash

Everyone is invited to this one. The Freebord “Dethbox” is on it’s way to sunny Southern California for the So Cal Represent 2010 Tour. Extra bords, good hills, gnarly shredding and good times are whats in store for anyone who attends the So Cal Represent Tour. The Dethbox will be out in sunny Southern California 8/6 – 8/8.

Friday, 8/6 They will be meeting between 2-3 pm on Bel Air Dr in Santa Barbara.

Sat, 8/7 They will be meeting at 11:00 AM in the Brea Mall parking lot near the Red Lobster. Just look for the big van that says Freebord.

Sun, 8/8 This is the day I am really waiting for. They will be meeting at 11:00 AM at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles before caravaning to amazing canyon hills.

For more details see here.

Adrenaline-Fueled visits the City of Angels for a canyon run on a way one street that begins above the cloud line and finishes by the ocean.

Riders: Tyler Stoehr / Lee Eisler

Photos: Joseph Espiritu

Video: Lee Eisler/ Tyler Stoehr