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ManufacturerMask: Riffe, San Clemente, CA  / Snorkel: Tabata Co, Long Beach, CA
ModelMask: MA-060,  Snorkel: SP-200 Hyperdry Max
PriceMask: $65,  Snorkel: $43


Riffe’s MA-060 dive mask is made of high-quality silicone and tempered glass that provides a tight seal and package.  Even at depths measuring more than 20 feet, the mask equalized with ease and the single lens construction provided a clear view without distorting your peripheral vision, including low light conditions with visibility of less than 15 feet.  The all-silicone construction is also comfortable and breaks-in to the users face quickly.

TUSA’s SP-200 Hyperdry Max is exactly what its name suggests it to be.  At the surface, the SP-200 performs with the best snorkels on the market, providing adequate guard against splashing, while still retaining maximum air-flow.  Under water, however, is where the SP-200 shines, providing optimal seal with two high-buoyancy floats that keep water out, and should it get in, a high flow purge valve allows the user to easily get it out.   An ortho-conscious mouthpiece and flexible silicone neck offers maximum comfort and its swivel positioning system makes sure that your snorkel is always at the correct position.


TUSA’s SP-200 and Riffe’s MA-060 makes for a combo that rivals that of Starsky and Hutch.  Both are excellent in repelling water, lessening purging sessions when going under.