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I couldn’t stay off my board. Check out this video footage of one run down a fun road. Notice the green cast!

Filmed by: Max Capps

Riders: Lee Eisler, Chris Culliney, Ryan Catino


ManufacturerMask: Riffe, San Clemente, CA  / Snorkel: Tabata Co, Long Beach, CA
ModelMask: MA-060,  Snorkel: SP-200 Hyperdry Max
PriceMask: $65,  Snorkel: $43


Riffe’s MA-060 dive mask is made of high-quality silicone and tempered glass that provides a tight seal and package.  Even at depths measuring more than 20 feet, the mask equalized with ease and the single lens construction provided a clear view without distorting your peripheral vision, including low light conditions with visibility of less than 15 feet.  The all-silicone construction is also comfortable and breaks-in to the users face quickly.

TUSA’s SP-200 Hyperdry Max is exactly what its name suggests it to be.  At the surface, the SP-200 performs with the best snorkels on the market, providing adequate guard against splashing, while still retaining maximum air-flow.  Under water, however, is where the SP-200 shines, providing optimal seal with two high-buoyancy floats that keep water out, and should it get in, a high flow purge valve allows the user to easily get it out.   An ortho-conscious mouthpiece and flexible silicone neck offers maximum comfort and its swivel positioning system makes sure that your snorkel is always at the correct position.


TUSA’s SP-200 and Riffe’s MA-060 makes for a combo that rivals that of Starsky and Hutch.  Both are excellent in repelling water, lessening purging sessions when going under.

The third stop of Red Bull’s Flugtag, saw more than 100,000 spectators and over 20 entree’s vying to set the new record for the longest flight with their homemade flying machines.  The key of the game is to achieve lift after a 30-foot free fall from a deck.

Photos: Joseph Espiritu

On August 15, some of the biggest names in longboard racing gathered on closed-off access road in the coastal town of San Clemente, CA ready to race on the 18th stop of the San Diego Downhill Racing League.  Swept, fast, and curvy, the course differed from the more traditional straight-a-ways, time-trial races are usually held at.  Multiple hairpin turns and short, fast sections are what was on the plate and the riders ate it up with the appetite of a beast – showing the world that to be successful in the business, you must not only be fast, but be able to also handle turns like a champ.

It was a close race with Evren Ozan and Louis Pilloni taking the first two spots to race man vs. man from the top.

“The more experienced rider is going to purposely hold back and then try to pass around this turn here (talking about a hairpin left turn),” Tye Donnely, organizer of the race said.

The day is capped with Ozan taking first with Pilloni second.

1st- Evren Ozan

2nd- Louis Pilloni

3rd- Riley Crone

Riding with the Dethbox crew for their So Cal Represent Tour 2010 was fun. This Gnarly carnage occurred on my second run of the first day of their tour. We were riding a fairly simple hill and I was feeling confident with some speed when I saw the opportunity to pass a car. Passing cars is completely bad ass unless you pass them only to crash. Basically I caught a heel edge and got some of the gnarliest road rash I have ever gotten. It also caused me to break the Scaphoid bone in my right hand.

Road Rash

Everyone is invited to this one. The Freebord “Dethbox” is on it’s way to sunny Southern California for the So Cal Represent 2010 Tour. Extra bords, good hills, gnarly shredding and good times are whats in store for anyone who attends the So Cal Represent Tour. The Dethbox will be out in sunny Southern California 8/6 – 8/8.

Friday, 8/6 They will be meeting between 2-3 pm on Bel Air Dr in Santa Barbara.

Sat, 8/7 They will be meeting at 11:00 AM in the Brea Mall parking lot near the Red Lobster. Just look for the big van that says Freebord.

Sun, 8/8 This is the day I am really waiting for. They will be meeting at 11:00 AM at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles before caravaning to amazing canyon hills.

For more details see here.

Riding gravity is fun, especially when you are hauling a** on a brand new street luge. I watched Max Capps pull moves of a madman as he passed cars in the left hand gutter of the street giving drivers a show. “Ever ride waterslides? It’s like the same thing just railing it. Actually its like riding a missile, a big missile” said Max Capps. This was awesome to watch the video doesn’t do it justice but check it out. Look for the gnarly car pass near the end.

Rider: Max Capps

Video: Lee Eisler/Chris Culliney

Over 500,000 surf fans and beach goers stormed the “Surf City” this weekend to attend the first day of the U.S. Open of Surfing which goes on until Aug. 8.  With a record amount of prize money on the line, world-class surfers carved and aired out off as many waves during each heat with hopes of besting their rivals in the overall points race.   Check back later this week for updated ranks and a coverage of the skate and BMX contests.

Video: Lee Eisler

Photos: Joseph Espiritu

Day 1 Recap

X Games 16 began with a bang as Moto X Freestyle Final and the Skateboarding Big Air Final took place. Travis Pastrana with the Gold medal already guaranteed, threw a double back flip on his victory run. This was the second double backflip to be landed in a freestyle competition. In skateboarding Big Air Jake Brown took the gold after back flipping the gap into a backside 540 mute grab on the quarter pipe. Overall it was a very exciting preview of what is going down this year at X Games 16.

Moto X Freestyle Results

Gold- Travis Pastrana (80)

Silver- Levi Sherwood (79)

Bronze- Nate Adams (71)

4th- Mat Rebeaud (66)

Skateboard Big Air Results

Gold- Jake Brown (93.66)

Silver- Bob Burnquist (93.00)

Bronze- Rob Lorifice (87.66)

4th- Pedro Barros (86.66)

Moto X Super X Adaptive Final

1- Mike Schultz (5:56.564)

2- Todd Thompson (5:58.119)

3- Beau Meier (6:05.787)

4- Jason Woods (6:06.097)

Moto Super X Results


1- Josh Grant- 13:08.835

2- Justin Brayton- 13:14.247

3- Josh Hansen- 13:15.431

4- Ivan Tedesco- 13.16.700


1- Ashley Fiolek- (6:37.142)

2- Tarah Gieger- (6:43.741)

3- Sara Price- (6:46.211)

4- Vicki Golden- (6:47.991)